Wednesday, September 19, 2007


School starting is the biggest punctuation of the year. Even Christmas rolls along easily, bumping through December with lots of pleasantness, although we have blended family trials compared to September they are nothing.

September all private life grinds to a halt. All summer fun gets the hatchet. Work begins, schedules shift, needs for the family change at once.

I transition from part to full time. Now who does the chores? Makes and buys food? Takes care of business? Well J takes up a good chunk of the slack, but the contents of my life are shaken up like that Christmas snow scene in a chunk of glass.

Now I see my colleagues whose names I barely know, more than my daughter or husband.

We have already decided next year I will pursue part time most persistently. I like working, I like my job, but children are only young once. We agree that the place to be is home. But, the money will be nice for awhile.


Zhenya said...

Hi Heather. I always thought that returning to full-time would teach me to appreciate being home even more. There are those rare days when I wished I was at work and I take being able to stay home for granted. But hang in there. Take it easy on yourself as you are doing this temporarily.

Mrs. T said...

You will never regret spending more time with your little one while she's little.