Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Shack

I have picked up this book cos it came to me for free and there is apparently quite a bit of hubub about it.

I don't want say too much about it, because I ought to reserve judgment until I have finished it.

I can say this... it is about a guy who has 3 or 4 kids and what seems like a happy marraige, his dad was a drunk and he took off from home at an early age. He is characterized as being a humble, average, thoughtful everyman with Christian influences in his life--though like alot of people I am sure, he is only about half way in with the church scene. On a camping trip while helping his kids recoup from a tippy canoe, his youngest daughter is snatched and ultimately brutally murdered. All he ever sees of her again is the stain on the floor of a shack where her dress is found.

From here, the story begins and it has themes of reconciling with God after an atrocity like this occurs in ones life.