Tuesday, January 01, 2013

You gots to find the good stuff

While 2012 won't go down in the annals as "my favorite year", to not look and see the good stuff would be a huge mistake.

While this year challenged me personally and professionally on an almost daily basis, there were amazing moments of respite and rare joy that I might never get to really experience much in my life.

And its best to be careful in daily life, I guess, because it is really easy to miss them, and not know when these little moments will pop up.

Like when you are on a family vacation when everyone is grouchy, but there is this awesome little 3 year old who decides she is going to pretend that she is a Solid Gold Dancer.

At the beach in August.  I am sure none of you ever have family vacations that get to be challenging.  And I am really certain that you don't have a child that chooses to do impromptu dance routines involving pink homemade play doh.

But if you do, isn't it awesome?

And isn't it a game changer to have this persistent joy in your presence?

It's like having a puppy, only better.

And this is what cameras are for.

And this.  Because blue bubble gum ice cream in August and being 3 are things that only happen once.