Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some stuff

Started listening to a really interesting podcast that talked about this community called the Arch. It is a home where developmentally disabled people live and about the volunteers that live with them and about how their lives are transformed by the experience. I was incredibly touched by this.

Actually, I have enjoyed everything I have listened to on Speaking of Faith from American Public Media. I recommend their podcasts.

In other news, Mother Teresa's posthumous book is out soon, and the Oregonian wrote this big Sunday Paper headline advertising "Mother Teresa's doubts about faith". My lands. The media, if it isn't a gaggle of brainless, spineless nimwits, I just don't know what. Gasp! Christians wrestle with implications of their faith!! WOW! Is this news? Is it news to make it sound like Mother Teresa was less Christian because she, as a spiritual superior, would really grapple with some hard issues?

Finally, watched a movie called The Pursuit of Happyness. Was so hard to watch, all the bad stuff that happened to this guy, played really well by Will Smith. The movie is making me think about some stuff. I guess I could recommend it. I think I would have been able to deal with it better if I knew the ending, though.


Glen Woods said...

When I saw the news about Mother Teresa, I also was not surprised that she should have wrestled with her faith. However, I was disturbed that the publisher of the book should publish her very private letters in the first place, given her apparent dying wishes that it be destroyed.

Once again, ethics loses out to financial pragmatism and notoriety, setting aside a measure of respect for the deceased in the supposed name of honoring her.

With regard to L'Arche, you might be interested to explore some of the writings of Henri Nouwen. He was powerfully impacted by that community after having lefted a prestigious ivly league professorship to become their pastor. During that time he went through a emotional breakdown. They lovingly provided him a soft place to fall and pick up the pieces. Powerful stuff from which the church at large should learn.


Glen Woods

Adeline said...

Yeah, In the radioshow they had a part about Henri Nouwen, and that is something like the 3rd time I have heard this man's name in as many week, I was recommended this guys books as well. Son't know if you would recommend him, wasn't sure if he was new agey, but it sounds like maybe not?

Glen Woods said...

He was a Dutch Roman Catholic Priest and scholar. As with any writer, you would want to weigh his words in light of Scripture. I don't agree with everything he wrote, but then I have also not read everything he wrote, nor am I an expert in his biography. I do not believe he had new age views. But I also would reiterate he was Roman Catholic, so his views on sanctification, justification, liturgy, and sacrament would differ quite distinctly from churches influenced by the Reformation.

Apparently, there have been concerns and questions about some of his internal struggles which came to light later in life. So for all these reasons, and as with any writer, I would read with discernment.