Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Korean missionaries

ABC News is following this story.

From what I am getting, Korean medical missionaries went to Afghanistan to do some medical missions work. They were taken hostage by Taliban and now there are negotiations to trade the hostages for some prisoners.

Situations like these... People who are not Christian can't imagine how death loses its sting when a person turns to Christ. The World cannot possibly comprehend the motives of missions workers, and they uses these opportunities to rip into Christians (not a terribly hard thing to do, you'd think they would find a more challenging target).

As for the missionaries, in these circumstances the power of prayer is the power we have.

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Roberta Denton said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for these people. My prayer is for their swift release, protection and peace. I pray for their captors as well, that they will se Christ in them.