Thursday, April 02, 2009

Crickets & Lent

Well it would seem that Lent started and I left the building.

I go for long times where I ponder whether blogging is a waste of time. But then I need to sort of process out loud again, and I want to keep the results so the blog goes into service again.

This Lent, as we head up on the 6th week, has been such a blessing. Because I am taking care of my daughter, breastfeeding, I didn't really feel like fasting of food was the right thing to do for Lent. | thought about the computer, but I am just not sure how that would look. I use it for so much, communication with family, recipes, banking and just a gazillion other things that I just couldn't see how it would happen.

So for Lent the Lord has been leading me with a service focus. It has been an amazing blessing. First it makes me do things that I have been thinking I needed to do for a very long time with regard to people in my life or around me, and now they are getting done. It has been wonderful in so many ways. Ask me when you see me.

I have been convicted in a couple areas. Mentally I ruminate on how to extricate myself from these bad cultivated habits. One has to do with parents, another with confidence. I have made a loving change with my daughter.

And I have had something come to light that I needed to eliminate. It has been a busy 6 weeks.

Blessings abound, building friendships, an open door to start tutoring Spanish, a baby dedicated, a birthday and new teeth. Who could not be joyful in this time?

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