Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prosperity Doctrine

Joel Osteen

His message is so mixed of truth with just "feel good self help" it is spooky. How to discern the fluff from the scriptural?

And for John Piper, who I respect, it makes him angry.

Spending time on the aberrations of the church is kind of negative vortex of wasted time, but I see so much of this "feel good self help messages" that I wonder if the bible got boring for the pastor. I wonder if he feels that we know everything about Revelation already. I don't. I want to learn some more. And so I wonder why I keep entering these churches that people rave about that look more like rock shows and deliver and nice fluffy message that barely touches the word of God.

I feel these places sell deception and prevent people from growing in the richness of coming to know Jesus. It is a reason to pray for the American church.

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