Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reading: The Simple Path

At night after a day of working with middle school kids, parenting, wifing the thing I seek most of all is to hit the reset button.

I need to clear my mind, and go back to what matters.

So I read.

There are all varieties of books that I am reading at once. A book in Spanish so I don't forget the language I paid 40,000 to learn how to speak, books about God that make me think about what I believe and lately I have stumbled on to some real gems.

A Simple Path is Mother Teresa talking about what she does. And how she does it. Her words warm my soul and fertilize a desire that has long been growing in my heart. But when she talks about what she does, I can't see a way to not be inspired, amazed. And my lasting feeling is "This is truly the best thing a person can do with their life." And I have one life, and so I go toward living it well, meaning usefully.

I cannot recommend her words highly enough. She talks about getting to prayer, joy, the work of her missions all around the world, how they came to be. Logistics and spiritual matters. I am so refreshed by her, I can go to sleep meditating on her words, and feel cleaned off from the day.

I plow through her books. I eat them up and then when I am sad they are over I linger on them a couple more days.

It is like hitting the reset button.

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