Saturday, July 28, 2007

McKenzie Study Center & L'Abri

Tonight J and I talked about a "movement"(?) called the New Monastics.

We talked about issues of faith, and the questions and where they ultimately have to lead a person... He is doing alot of thinking. I am happy about where his thoughts are leading him. I am happy when I can connect them to conversations that we have had about making a life of service something that may be a reality for us... God willing, right?

But later tonight, I remembered this place I came really really close to living. The year was 1992 or maybe 1993. I was going to PSU and planning on transferring to University of Oregon. I had my housing lined up. I had everything ready except for registering for classes.

But then I got sidetracked, opted to stay in Portland (probably a good choice).

But the place I was set to live was called The McKenzie Study Center. I didn't know it at the time, but apparently their whole mission was based on the idea of L'Abri--a place to teach and learn and stay and gather. I was going to live there.

And that was long before I knew of Francis Schaeffer and I didn't know much about CS Lewis, but this little McKenzie Study Center was all about these guys. These guys who are now the reference points of people who we seek to understand and study...

How very cool, even then, as a new little Christian, I was attracted to these things.

On another note though, I am sad that I am missing the L'Abri conference at Willamette University.

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